The Port Inn Portsmouth
505 U.S. 1 Bypass
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 03801, United States

Corporate Responsibility

Port Inn has long believed in using our business voice and our funds to help our environment. Through adoption of reasonable practices, leveraging our capital, and with the help of our guests, we are making a difference. Some of the practices actually save us money, and we believe that all our environmental efforts pay back in some form. If you are a business owner or if you have influence over a company’s practices, we encourage you to join us in improving the planet. It is not just good for the planet, it is good business.

Teaming Up With The Blue Ocean Society

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When Blue Ocean Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of marine mammals in the Gulf of Maine. The society maintains a touch tank, used for educating residents and tourists about the diversity and beauty of marine life. When their tank was failing, Port Inn purchased a new tank so they could continue their educational outreach. To learn more about Blue ocean Society or to make a donation, go to:

Restoring Hodgson Brook

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Hodgson Brook, an urban, fresh water stream, flows through the heart of Portsmouth, and empties into the North Mill Pond. Largely due to urban development before environmental regulation, the brook’s ecology has been degraded. The polluted water eventually ends up in the gulf of Maine. The Hodgson Brook watershed encompasses 2135 acres in the heart of Portsmouth. The Hodgson Brook Restoration Project is improving the water quality and habitats of the brook. Port Inn donated money, which the organization was able to use to leverage federal grants. The funds were spent on a stream bed restoration project which is used as a demonstration site, located at the end of Port Inn’s parking lot. Stop by and take a look. The funds also were used to purchase rain barrels for Port Inn’s neighborhood to help minimize runoff. For more information about the project or to make a donation, go to

Reducing our carbon footprint

  • Wind turbine

Port Inn purchased carbon offset credits which helped pay for farmer owned wind turbines to power family-owned farms with renewable energy.